The Great Old Ones Gaming: Episode #7- Black Stars Rise, again...

Welcome, Worshiper to another installment of “The Great Old Ones Gaming”. In this episode we dive into the upcoming Arkham Horror: Final Hour, Share our hopes for the inevitable “Return to the Path to Carcosa”, speculate on “Murder at the Excelsior Hotel” and share our experiences with the Arkham LCG “Taboo list”.

Beyond the Veil: Interview with Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of our new series "Beyond the Veil". In this series we sit down and chat with prominent writers, game designers, and well known community members of the Cthulhu Mythos gaming world. Today, Nate, Vase, and The Man from Leng, sit down with Irish game writer and novelist Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan.

The Great Old Ones Gaming Podcast: Episode #6- Grenades and Scientists

In this episode of the Great Old Ones Gaming, Innkeeper Vase Odin recalls his experience running the scenario "Sick Again"for Delta Green. The Man from Leng shares his thoughts on the Sinking City. We give our first impressions on the player cards from the new Mythos pack for the Arkham LCG "In the Clutches of Chaos". Nate shares his fan made investigator, Kate Winthrop and Nathan hosts Arkham Trivia time and gives a shoutout to Nicholas Kory's fan made campaign "Winter Winds".

The Great Old Ones Gaming Podcast: Episode #5- We're off to Leng!

Greeting Worshipers and welcome to another episode of The Great Old Ones Gaming Podcast. In this episode, Hosts, Nate, Nathan, Man from Leng, and Innkeeper Vase Odin discuss the recent news related to FFG's Arkham Horror: The card game. Topics include our thoughts on the players cards from Union and Disillusion, the most recently released Mythos pack, The announcement of the new Deluxe expansion The Dream Eaters and the newly spoiled investigator, Tony Morgan.