The Wall of Eternal Praise

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  • SolarJ

  • Oldschoolgamr

  • Hauke Bruening

  • Scott Armstrong

Wizards of the Order:

  • Pontus Pedersen

  • Giovanni Crisan

Agents of the King:

  • Hannah Nixon

  • Nathan Early

The Charnel Lords:

  • Robert Bout

The Great Old Ones have individually been creating content since 2016. Now joining forces, the Great Old Ones want take their content to the next level, providing you with interviews from writers, creators and community figures of Mythos games. The Great Old Ones also want to arrange live events to play games with fans, and what's a live event without swag? Your support goes a long way into making all this cool stuff a reality, and keeps the madness at bay...for now. Worshipers of the Great Old Ones will be rewarded with sleepless nights filled with images of a terror not yet known to man. Their patronage will see Cthulhu rise from the depths of R'lyeh and wash over the earth in blood-soaked ecstasy. Their god finally awakened...