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Hey everyone! In case you haven’t heard our most recent episode , Nathan Early, along with Guardian Games and the rest of the Great Old Ones, will be hosting ARKHAM HORROR: BENEATH THE WAVES 2019! As Vase said in his over-the-top “Monster truck rally” style promo video, this is likely to be the biggest Arkham Horror LCG event in Portland, Oregon. Come join us, SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY Octhulhu, 27th! $5 gets you a whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge! *cough* ahem….

Event Details:

Sunday, Oct[hulhu] 27th, 12pm to 8pm.
Guardian Games- 345 SE Taylor Street Portland, OR 97214
Entry Fee: $5

As for what Investigators can expect to play, We have the following events planned at no particular time throughout the day, aside from a live trivia event during the event’s “lunch break”.

  • The blob that ate everything! A massive multiplayer standalone scenario first featured at Gen Con earlier this year, everyone can join in on the fight against the blob menace, but will they prevail?…

  • The Depths of Yoth: See how many lairs you can explore in this “How low can you go? Challenge” Editor’s Note: real original guys…

  • The Labyrinths of Lunacy: “An epic 12 player standalone scenario, players are divided into 3 groups of 4 each facing their own set of challenges…”

  • Consternation on the Constellation A Mythos Busters Fan-made scenario….

  • The Last King: VIP Challenge- interview and slay as many VIP’s as you can before time runs out. Hosted by Innkeeper Vase Odin. Hors d'oeuvres will be served…

There will also be space for players to participate in an “Iron man” challenge [player’s choice of campaign], experience the “Return to” scenarios, and enjoy fan-made scenarios. Nathan has planned to give away some really terrific swag for attendees with one lucky investigator walking away with a special investigator board courtesy of BuyTheSameToken! Nathan does some really elaborate, detailed, and just plain awesome set ups for his games. Complete with minis, custom tokens, game mats, sound, you name it. Check out Nathan’s Instagram if you want a taste of the experience. I mean, just LOOK at that set up for Heart of the Elders…

Outside the event:

Apart from partaking in the event Sunday, Portland has plenty of attractions to enjoy. From hiking in Forest Park, or a stroll through the Japanese Garden, to a walk down Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland has a wide variety of sightseeing options. If you’d rather “see sights” on a screen, the Hollywood Theater is a great place to catch a movie. This fully restored 1920’s movie theater shows classic and indie films in an environment fitting for a Lovecraft fan. If you enjoy reading Powell’s Books is the place for you. Be sure to check out the map in the front of the store, or you will likely get lost [in time and space]…

Portland also has a Robust nightlife for people looking to keep the party going after the event. from the Voice Box, a Japanese style Karaoke bar with private rooms, or the Multnomah Whiskey Library, a swanky high-end Whiskey bar- or Ground Kontrol, a late night Arcade for adults, Portland caters to all tastes.

If drinking isn’t your thing, Portland is host to some great restaurants, some favorites being Salt and Straw, Where ice cream be dinner if you want it to be, Kasbah Moroccan Cafe , try the lamb tagine, Petite Provence because who doesn’t love French pastries?!, Bunk Bar, had me at “Pork Belly Cubano”, and Baghdad Theater, where you can catch a Bollywood flick and enjoy Indian cuisine! Portland also has tons of local donut shops to fuel up before a day of Arkham madness!

Finding Lodging shouldn’t be too difficult, options range from AirBnB, to 3-4 star hotels nearby. Portland sports a great public transportation system and if that isn’t your jam, well, you can always call an Uber…

Hopefully that covers all the basic logistics, if you have any questions about the event, you can post them either in the comments below, or on the event page here! Thanks again to Nathan for organizing all of this, and a special thanks to the Mythos Busters, and the Drawn to the Flame Podcasts for their shout-outs. We hope to see you, Beneath the Waves…

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